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Intuitive Session with Jonelle

Price: $150 or $200 

  • The support is compassionate and professional. 
  • Only high vibration, "positive" information and guidance is brought in.
  • Powerful messages and unique visions from your Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones are shared with you.
  • Your life's purpose, your gifts, and your life mission statement is revealed.  
  • You will be given positive, manageable steps to take toward that mission.

Gift of Life Purpose Workshop

Price: $40 per person

  • Uncover your gifts and talents and hear powerful intuitive insights about your life purpose.
  • Discover your specific Life Path and how it leads you to a confident and joyful life.
  • Learn the decision making techniques developed over years of professional career counseling so you can make career and life decisions with confidence.

Custom Insights and Presentations

  • Jonelle can design a custom presentation or workshop for your group or organization.
  • Jonelle's professional training and unique talents give her the platform, the understanding and the insight to teach others to live up to their true life’s mission and potential. 
  • Jonelle teaches her audiences to understand and embrace their life purposes so they own why they are here, and not wait for someone else to direct them or a crisis to grab their attention.
  • Jonelle captures her audience’s attention, motivating them to see their challenges as opportunities, to reach their personal and professional potential, and to live joyful, purposeful lives. 
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