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                                               Dear Jonelle,

Thank you for the incredible intuitive reading you did for me. 


The messages you received for me were amazing and affirming. 


You have a beautiful gift of conveying warmth and healing through your messages and providing clarity to confusing feelings.  


I am in awe of your talents. 


Thank you for sharing your gift, your purpose on this earth, and your heart with me.




                                          And some more praise...


Jonelle is safe and supportive. There is nothing scary or even uncomfortable about the session. 


My session went far beyond what I had anticipated. I now feel more clear and focused regarding the direction that I want my life to take and I feel like I have an awesome band of supporters on the other side who are cheering me on. 

I truly enjoyed my session and now intend to have a session every year on my birthday as a gift to myself and as a way to ensure that I am staying on the unique path that I was created to follow.


Her work is truly out of this world! 

Jonelle is a gifted and trustworthy reader. 


By the end of my session, I had discovered Jonelle was one of the most genuinely caring people I had ever met. I felt at such ease, the messages she provided set a whole new outlook on my life, one that was exciting and promising. To say I was comforted would be an understatement.


I found Jonelle so understanding, wise & compassionate. I could have listened to her for hours! She is so knowledgeable about her craft and so much more. 


One word of advice:  do more listening than talking. When I see her the next time, I will listen much more, as her wisdom was so awesome. 

Jonelle Davis is not only a gifted psychic intuitive, but a lovely and compassionate individual. 


I have friends who are psychics, numerologists, astrologers, and life coaches but Jonelle, my friend, you are the best of all worlds. 

I would highly recommend Jonelle Davis for an intuitive reading. She has a powerful, uplifting presence and can help anyone come closer to their truth through her work.

I just love Jonelle.  Everyone else can lump it.


My session with Jonelle was amazing. Her insight into my life gave me goosebumps!

Her evaluation is thorough and professional, while at the same time, you feel as if you are speaking to an entrusted friend over coffee.  I left the session feeling lighter as if a burden had been lifted because the direction that I needed to go in was much clearer. 


I would recommend Jonelle to anyone who finds themselves either stuck in an unfulfilling career or at a crucial crossroads decision point and is in need of guidance in order to find their true calling.

Jonelle brings a delightful spirit and energy to her sessions, the perfect blend of insight, realism, compassion, honesty, and inspiration. 

One of the best psychics out there!

After meeting with Jonelle I finally have direction in my life, it feels great to know where I am headed rather than stumbling along. Jonelle is wonderful to work with, she is talented, caring, and professional.

OMG…the information she received during her meditation was so spot on and beyond. My life is forever changed. 


Jonelle is the closest thing to having superpowers than anyone I know.


She is very prepared, focused, and professional.  The best part… she was spot on!  I’d recommend her to anyone.  


The information was so personal with only positive divine beings present.  Each session touched my heart and made me smile. Jonelle is patient, kind, accurate, professional, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Would I do this again?  Is Jonelle the real deal?  Would you benefit?  ABSOLUTELY!


Her intuition is absolutely remarkable.  There was a wealth of information and I was amazed at the amount that was so helpful to me.  I loved it, absolutely loved it.  She is very supportive and very warm.  I don’t know when I’ll come across someone who has those abilities again.


She has completely changed my life. In the two years that have unfolded into my dream career, I would often look back and laugh during the process because exactly what she said would happen, happened in exact detail! Jonelle offers a powerful, highly valuable service that I wish I could give to everyone. Thank you, Jonelle, for transforming my life!


It was one of the best, if not the best, reading that I have ever had. I have never felt so seen, understood, and supported in a reading.  I listened to everything again and it was just as wonderful as the first time.  I also wanted you to know that throughout the reading, I was brought to tears.  Thank you for your beautiful reading, your gift, and your time.

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