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Intuitive Session


  • The support is compassionate and professional. 

  • Powerful messages and unique visions from your Angels, Guides, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are shared with you.

  • You have the opportunity to ask the questions you need answering so you move forward with confidence and clarity.  


Your session is one hour in length.


All sessions are over the phone. You may record your session so you can listen to the guidance whenever you would like. 


An Intuitive Session flows with channeled messages from your Angels, Guides, Masters, Teachers and Loved ones. The accuracy and timeliness of the messages are extraordinary.  You will hear validations that they have always been with you and that you are deeply seen, loved and supported from the other side. The information is comforting, nurturing and supportive and is filled with love and high vibration. 


Cost:  $195



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