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“Dear Jonelle, I want to thank you for the incredible intuitive reading you did for me.  The messages you received for me were amazing and affirming.  I have struggled with the direction I should take my career in and you have given me inspiration to follow my true path. You have a beautiful gift of conveying warmth and healing through your messages and providing clarity to confusing feelings.   Your advice was exactly what I needed to hear and your strong encouragement inspires me to get moving in the direction of my bliss! I am in awe of your talents and predict a rich and rewarding career for you as a career intuitive and mentor.  It is clear that you truly care about helping people.  Thank you for sharing your gift, your purpose on this earth and your heart with me.”  

~ Carol B.

High Praise



"Because I knew Jonelle before my session, I knew that my session would be good because everything that Jonelle does is good.  I just didn’t realize that the session would be so deep and affirming of my inner dreams and desires. My session with Jonelle went far deeper than expected and I was truly amazed at how she was able to intuit things that I didn’t even really know about myself until she brought them up and they immediately resonated with me. My session went far beyond what I had anticipated and instead of just receiving some input on my ideal profession—I received input (and a lot of confirmation and affirmation) regarding my ideal life.  I now feel more clear and focused regarding the direction that I want my life to take and I feel like I have an awesome band of supporters on the other side who are cheering me on. Jonelle is safe and supportive.  There is nothing scary or even uncomfortable about the session.  She uncovers strong emotions but does it in such a loving way that they are felt but not overwhelming.  The information that she shares is astounding in its accuracy and encouraging to one’s deepest desires. I truly enjoyed my session and now intend to have a session every year on my birthday as a gift to myself and as a way to ensure that I am staying on the unique path that I was created to follow." ~ Melissa V.



When an (adult) child comes to you and says, “Mom, I’m lost”, what do you do?  How do you help them get their feet under them?    How do you not panic and try to fix it?  After having my own experiences with Jonelle, I knew the best thing I could do for my son was to offer him a session with her.  I fully trusted her and knew that the guidance would be pure and honest.  She was able to bring him a message of hope, direction and clarity.  The minute my son left her office (literally) he was a changed man.  I knew she would help him, but I never expected the extent of her impact.  He is embracing his life in ways I could never have imagined.   I see a young man with courage and purpose.  One who is now confident in who he is and where he is in life.  Daily challenges no longer weigh him down and the once introverted young man is now enjoying the richness of his life.  There are no words to express the gratitude I feel towards Jonelle and the work she does.  Her work is truly out of this world!



“Delving into my Akashic Records has been very insightful and confirmed the path my life has been taking me.  

Jonelle brings a wonderful energy and loving presence to all of her sessions.  I highly recommend an Akashic Reading, it will bring clarity and renewed purpose to your life!” - Joanie D



"It was a wonderful and reassuring experience to get an Akashic Records reading by Jonelle. In so many levels I knew the answers to the questions I asked but it felt good to know that I am on the right path and that there is a lot of support in the spirit level to get me there. Getting into the session was effortless and comfortable as I was expertly led to explore the records. This reading was by no means an affirmation that this is a chance to sit back and relax while thinking that all is taken care of. On the contrary, it was a push to get out there and make it happen, knowing that it is possible but I need to put in the work. Jonelle is a gifted and trustworthy reader and she will bring forth answers to your questions and whatever is at that point available for you to know for your highest good. No one can access your records without permission, as they are safely guarded in the spirit realm, and when you are ready, know that what is revealed to you will be just right for you." - Corinna P. Kromer



" The first time I met Jonelle I was far from home, heartbroken, and incredibly anxious about having a session. Although she was a close friend of my mothers, she was nothing more than a stranger to me. However I was intrigued that this complete stranger had offered to drive me to the airport after my session; although to be honest upon hearing this I thought it was nothing more than a courtesy on my mother's behalf...boy was I wrong! By the end of my session I had discovered Jonelle was one of the most genuinely caring people I had ever met. I felt at such ease , the messages she provided set a whole new outlook on my life, one that was exciting and promising. To say I was comforted would be an understatement.


Here is the part that depicts the type of person Jonelle is, her entire family drove me to the airport afterward! By the end of that ride I felt as if I had been initiated into a special clan, one that loved me as if I was a long-lost sister who they had missed deeply. Since then I have worked with Jonelle in professional and personal settings and through and through she is talented, wise, and always knows how to bring you back down to earth when your head is flying off the wall!" - Madison R.


“The session I had with Jonelle was not only one of the best things I have had done, but it was perfect timing.  I have been questioning many things this past year, and after chatting with Jonelle she gave me some great ideas in ways to get my life on track.  I think Jonelle is on a great path to helping many people figure out ways to create a happier life!” ~ Jeremy F.



"Jonelle has a remarkable ability to find the right domino to tip to set off a chain reaction of positive transformation in your life." ~Sarah R.


"One of the things I love about working with Jonelle–everything is on the table when it comes to approach. Once I left a session with a recommended top priority, a written exercise, several tips for meditation, the name of a house cleaner, a poem, a question for self-reflection, and the contact information for two new business prospects!  Jonelle’s recommendations are 100% individualized and 100% tuned into the fact that life is complicated and everything is connected. The sticking point for a career move could be something personal, or vice versa. Jonelle starts with the biggest view of the big picture and homes in on the right details to trigger change. Plus, she offers her suggestions in such an upbeat, encouraging way that tackling challenges seems not just doable but fun and aspirational!" ~ S. R.



"I sought out Jonelle to get clarification in the direction of my career/business. I was wrestling with which way to take my career. I found Jonelle so understanding, wise & compassionate. I could have listened to her for hours! She is so knowledgeable about her craft and so much more. I feel like I benefited from this session by being much more grounded in my direction as well as giving me tools to use while on the way. One word of advice:  do more listening than talking. When I see her the next time, I will listen much more, as her wisdom was so awesome. Thank you again, Jonelle. Blessings,"

~ Sherri M.



"It is my pleasure to recommend Jonelle Davis who is not only a gifted psychic intuitive, but a lovely and compassionate individual. In my particular case she has given me insights into my role with my birth family that has empowered me to take a leadership role that has helped all of us heal from the death of our mother.  Jonelle has also given me intuitive guidance toward building my career which has proved to be invaluable." ~ Joanie DLG



"Thank you so much Jonelle for our most recent session.  Whenever I am in doubt or concerned about which way I am going or which way I should go, I know that you will make it all come clear and guide me to the most reasonable way to solve my problems.  You are truly intuitive and gently but surely get right to the heart of the matter, whatever it may be.  Sometimes a place that I had not even considered. I can remember not knowing what to expect when I booked our first session but trusted my friend who knew you well.  What a lucky day for me.  I have friends who are psychics, numerologists, astrologers and life coaches but Jonelle, my friend, you are the best of all worlds.  Be safe.  We never know when I will need your sage advice and insight again." ~ Nancy T.



"My intuitive birth path session with Jonelle was wonderful. It truly highlighted many themes present throughout my life and with Jonelle’s eloquent language, she helped reinforce what my mission and purpose is in this life. Jonelle’s presence allowed me to feel completely safe, as she is wonderfully present and attentive.  I also loved how she was so passionate about our session – it was evident that she was living her purpose and receives great joy in doing this work, which again, translated in our session. Because she is so passionate about what she does, she conveyed so much passion about my life in our session. I felt really heard and because of that, it moved me. I would highly recommend Jonelle Davis for an intuitive reading. She has a powerful, uplifting presence and can help anyone come closer to their truth through her work." ~ Nancy J.



"I just wanted to say thank you for the session.  When I meet with you, I always feel like I get what I need to begin taking the next steps forward. You were right on target with my "dream" of what I would like to see myself doing in the future. It's also good to know I am headed in the right direction and that there are steps I can take to ensure that I continue to follow that path. I will definitely be scheduling another session as I continue on my life path journey. Thank you for validating what I need to be doing and the direction I need to be headed!" ~ Betsy S.



“My session with Jonelle was amazing. Her insight into my life gave me goose bumps! She touched upon things regarding my career that resonated with me on so many different levels. Her genuine caring, personality made it very easy for me to open up and talk candidly about my future. She has inspired me to make small changes that will lead me to the great work I came here to do in this lifetime. I now feel like I have a roadmap as I continue my journey.” ~ Angela, Nebraska



"Jonelle Davis provides a unique service that balances her strong educational background and experience as an accomplished career counselor with her natural intuitive abilities.  These complimentary skills enabled me to take pause and more closely examine where I was in my career and whether or not it aligned with my values, personality and where I am in my life path, which in turn provided me a better understanding of the route that I need to embrace and embark upon in order to have a more fulfilling career.  Her training provides her with a distinct perspective which allows her to pose poignant questions that give birth to those personal “a-ha” moments.  She’s was able to focus on issues that I had overlooked or dismissed, but they completely resonated as truth once they were brought to the surface and discussed.  Her evaluation is thorough and professional, while at the same time you feel as if you are speaking to an entrusted friend over coffee.  I left the session feeling lighter, as if a burden had been lifted because the direction that I needed to go in was much clearer.  I would recommend Jonelle to anyone who finds themselves either stuck in an unfulfilling career or at a crucial crossroads decision point and is in need of guidance in order to find their true calling" ~ Melanie C.



"For years I resisted meditating, even though I suspected it was fundamental for my well being and would increase my creative and associative abilities. With just a couple of on-target suggestions, Jonelle gave me a perspective shift and the tools to turn meditation into something I look forward to every day. Already, it has significantly improved my health, my personal life, and my work." ~ S.R., Colorado



"Jonelle brings a delightful spirit and energy to her sessions, the perfect blend of insight, realism, compassion, honesty and inspiration. When it comes to playing bigger in your life and your career, Jonelle is a heavy hitter you want on your team. Her intuition, careful listening and years of experience as a career counselor have helped me make huge strides towards greater fulfillment and success–not just professionally, but in all domains of my life." ~ Sarah R.



 "I scheduled my first session with Jonelle because I wanted to know what my life work is, what is my career path.  After meeting with Jonelle I finally have direction in my life, it feels great to know where I am headed rather than stumbling along.  I enjoyed having the follow-up session to have additional questions answered and receive more information. Jonelle is wonderful to work with, she is talented, caring and professional." ~ Lisa W.



"I knew Jonelle was knowledgeable and an intuitive, but I did not know what to expect during my session. OMG…the information she received during her meditation was so spot on and beyond.  My son, Jason, came through during her meditation and relayed specific information he wanted me to know about my life path as a healer and my life purpose. My life is forever changed…" ~ MJ O, Colorado



"Jonelle is the closest thing to having superpowers than anyone I know." ~ Cullen H.



"You were right on target with my 'dream' of what I would like to see myself doing in the future. It's also good to know I am headed in the right direction and that there are steps I can take to ensure that I continue to follow that path."~ Betsy S.


"I had a wonderful reading with Jonelle.  The work she did even before my reading was amazing.  She is very prepared, focused and professional.  The best part… she was spot on!  I’d recommend her to anyone.  Her insight was very helpful to me.  I’ll be back." ~ Lynette S.


"After a very satisfying 34-year teaching career, I still felt unsettled.  What now? Jonelle has provided three Life Path Sessions for me over the last two years.  My Birth Number and Birth Path were explained in detail.  This was very interesting and helped create clarity and understanding for me.  With each additional Life Path Session layers of higher understanding unfolded in who is this person I call “me” and answered the question “what now”?  A favorite part of each Life Path Session for me included a meditation.  The information was so personal with only positive divine beings present.  Each session touched my heart and made me smile. Jonelle is patient, kind, accurate, professional, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Would I do this again?  Is Jonelle the real deal?  Would you benefit?  ABSOLUTELY!" ~ Kathy D, Pennsylvania



Thanks for a very helpful and beautiful reading!  You told me things very few people know.  I was completely blown away.  Thanks for all your help and reassuring me of my life’s path. – Matt D.



What a privilege it was to be coached by Jonelle. Her intuition is absolutely remarkable.  There was a wealth of information and I was amazed at the amount that was so helpful to me.  I loved it, absolutely loved it.  She is very supportive and very warm. I have to keep saying I am absolutely blown away by her meditative abilities.  I don’t know when I’ll come across someone who has those abilities again. ~ Carol R.



“I hired Jonelle during a time of stagnation when I knew I wanted something more in my life but didn’t know what it was or how to even begin to achieve it. Jonelle has an extremely powerful gift of acting as a compass to your heart’s desire through a tangible, well-described guidance system.  She has completely changed my life. In the two years that have unfolded into my dream career, I would often look back and laugh during the process because exactly what she said would happen, happened in exact detail! Jonelle offers a powerful, highly valuable service that I wish I could give to everyone. She nudges people in the direction they should be in, helps them discover their gifts and most importantly, why they came to this planet it the first place! Thank you, Jonelle for transforming my life!" ~ Jennae G.



"Jonelle, I need you to know how much your reading meant to me.  It was one of the best, if not the best, reading that I have ever had. I have never felt so seen and understood and supported in a reading.  I listened to everything again and it was just as wonderful as the first time.  I also wanted you to know that throughout the reading, I was brought to tears.  Thank you for your beautiful reading, your gift and your time." ~ Julie DLG



"Jonelle possesses a "sixth sense" about career paths that will truly motivate you, bring you success, and help you find joyful meaning in life." ~ Katy P.


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