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Love Your Sweet Self

Have you looked at any childhood photos lately? I mean, really looked at them?

Recently, an old childhood photo emerged, one that I hadn't seen in many years. It was a silly, fun photo, and it took me back to my childhood and it brought back a lot of memories. But as I looked closer, a sweet and yet sad feeling came over me.

There I was, in pigtails, so happy, sweet, and open hearted. And I barely recognized myself. When was the last time I felt that way? Where did this little girl go?

I was overwhelmed by the urge to run to her and hug her and tell her how precious she is, and that she is to keep that open smile and to allow herself to feel special. I want to tell her that when life gets tough, that she is to remain silly and happy and smart and loved. And to not listen to anyone who tries to tell her otherwise, including herself.

Have I been taking care of her, I wondered? I take care of my husband, with whom I have had an amazing life-long love affair, and I take care of our sons with all my heart and soul. But when was the last time I took care of that little girl inside of me? I know she's in there. She shines when I am spending time with my family, and when I am laughing with a good friend. She is there when I am in a session with a client, as I see their sweet soul and reflect back to them how amazing they are, and reassure them that they are supposed to live life fully, to open their hearts and share their gifts.

And right now, she is telling me that we all need to honor the child inside of us. While we can't go back in time and do it all over again, we can, moving forward, live our lives better. We may still be afraid to allow others to see us as we really are, but let's show them anyway. I want to feel that the best of life is ahead of me, don't you? I want to embrace life with child-like wonder again.

So to honor the little girl inside of me, I have begun taking leisurely baths lately, infusing the water with my favorite essential oils. I am embracing my crazy, curly hair now more than ever, loving the energy and the feel of it. I am wearing the color pink more often, confident that it shows gentleness and kindness and yes, strength. And, I call or meet with my girlfriends and my mom often, making sure that we take the time to connect, laugh, and support each other.

Does this have meaning to you? How have you been taking care of the child within you? If you are one of my clients, perhaps you could review the notes and listen to the recording again from your last session. Did you truly allow the insights in? Did you listen to the meaning of the message and hear how the child within you is absolutely precious? Do you know that you deserve to live a life that is sweet, open-hearted, hopeful, and amazing?

In this month that is all about love, remember to not only give love to others, but to give it to the person who is truly be the most important person in your life, you.

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