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The Gift of a Snow Day

The scene outside my window is beautiful. The snow is falling and it's a "snow day" for our local schools. What a cozy, lovely feeling it is to be inside. What a gift!

Isn't it great when nature and the "powers that be" help you rest and nurture yourself? It's a great opportunity to stop and ask, "What would make me happy today?" It is a wonderful realization that the day is entirely up to you, and you feel as if you have been given permission to do what makes you happy. Ah, bliss!

The life you were given is a gift, too, and like a "snow day", it is all yours to create and enjoy. It may not be perfect, but by the end of the day ~ by the end of your life, it is as good as you made it. What is holding you back from enjoying it? What is stopping you from feeling alive and happy and free like a student who wakes up and hears that it is a "snow day?" You have the freedom to choose to do the very things you love to do.

And you have Divine permission and encouragement to do so.

So, consider:

How would it feel to hear that permission and encouragement when you most need it? An intuitive session gives you the opportunity to cozy up, ask for Divine guidance for yourself, and feel the love and support surround you. The guidance can uncover the layers of what is holding you back, and remind you of what has always made you happy. It can reveal to you what you can do next to start living that wonderful life. It can lift the burdens you feel as it supports and guides you along the way. It puts light on your current challenges so you can embrace and learn to grow from them.

When could you schedule some time for yourself at home and receive intuitive guidance? Yes, you can schedule an in-person session, but you can also have a session over the phone and have the same powerful, personal experience. You can stay inside and get comfortable, feel the guidance and love come in, and know that the recording of the session allows you to be fully present and drink it all in. And you can enjoy that cozy, lovely feeling and know that all is well. You are loved, you are supported, and you were given the gift of this moment, this day, this life for a wonderful reason.

Create your own "Snow Day". Think about only you and do what makes you truly happy. When you need more clarification and would like loving support and spiritual guidance, schedule an intuitive session for yourself. It may be the best gift of the season.

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