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Where the Magic Happens

I like this concept, that we have to step outside our comfort zone to be where the magic happens. But I think the magic in the space outside our comfort zone is only new magic.

I already feel plenty of magic inside my comfort zone. That's why I don't like to leave it.

My comfort zone is my family, friends, colleagues, a sweet dog, serving clients, working with high vibration colleagues and professional groups, and learning as much as I can.

All of these are in my comfort zone and all are magical to me.

It's when I leave that comfort zone, by my choice or not, that it feels anything but magical.

It can be hard to believe new magic really exists outside our comfort zone. We might become fearful or overwhelmed and want to give up. We might want to crawl back in to our comfort zone, where it's safe, predictable, and well, comfortable.

Trust that you are feeling this need to leave your comfort zone for a reason. You need to grow. You're just feeling uncomfortable because you aren't in the new magic yet. This is only a transition time. Encourage yourself to keep going.

When you come out on the other side of whatever kicked you out of your comfort zone (or whatever YOU chose to do to kick yourself out), you will begin to see the magic appear again. Really, you will. The magic just serves a different purpose now.

This new space is magical because it grows you.

Your comfort zone is magical because it supports you.

If you are outside your comfort zone, reach out to others. Remind yourself why you need to grow or change. Remember how strong you are. A favorite quote of mine is "Confidence is success remembered." You have gotten this far and have had many successes. It's all going to be ok. It will feel magical again.

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